Our Commitment to



Contributing to sustainable development is a core element of Bayer’s corporate strategy and of our core values. Guided by our vision “Health for all, Hunger for none”, we promote inclusive growth and a responsible use of resources to help people and planet thrive.



Sustainable action is an integral part of everything we do. With innovative solutions of our leading businesses in health and agriculture, we contribute significantly to the sustainable development in the world.
Werner Baumann
Chairman of the Board of Management (CEO) of Bayer AG and Chief Sust. Officer

Key Topics of Our Strategy

Inclusive growth means we’re providing more people in all the regions of the world with access to health care and food security and devising solutions to environmental protection, esp. decarbonization, climate adaptation, and biodiversity preservation. Our products, services and innovative prowess enables us to contribute significantly toward meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals with regard to combating hunger (Goal 2) and providing health care (Goal 3). Our work also helps the fight against poverty (Goal 1). In addition, we are sharpening our focus on empowering women (Goal 5), redoubling our efforts to reduce greenhouse gases along our value chain and build resilience towards the impacts of climate change (Goal 13) and protecting life on land (Goal 15).